What is a UV Filter and Do I Need it?

Do I Need a UV Water Filter?

If you get your water from a private water supply such as a well or spring, or if you are not confident in the safety of your water with bad micro-organisms, then a UV filter could be the way to go.

As a simple way to get rid of bad bacteria without adding chemicals, it’s a great way to keep your water fresh but also clean.

You need an electricity supply for a UV filter but it doesn’t restrict your water flow at all.

How Does a UV Filter Work?

UV light is the stuff that causes sunburn, you cant see it but it plays havoc with biology.

It destroys the DNA of micro-organisms which renders them useless and harmless.

When your water flows through a UV filter, the bacteria are exposed to this UV light and kills 99.99% of all harmful micro-organisms. It’s completely chemical free so your water still tastes great.

Every year or so, you change the UV Lamp and your good to go again!

Advantages of a UV Filter

  • Destroys 99.99% of bacteria
  • Doesn’t change the taste and odour of your water.
  • More effective than chlorine or chloramines, especially on some waterborne cysts.
  • Environmentally friendly as no chemicals involved.
  • Works day and night 24/7; keeping your water safe.
  • You only need to replace the lamp every 12 months or so.
  • You don’t need a holding tank; water flows straight through the system.
  • Low electrical needs so cost-effective.
  • No harmful chemicals so it’s safe
  • Once installed, it’s low maintenance.
  • No dirty parts to dispose of.
  • More effective than chlorine or chloramines, especially on some waterborne cysts.

Disadvantages of a UV Filter

  • UV light doesn’t remove other contaminants from your water such as heavy metals that cause hard water like Magnesium and Calcium, salts, chlorine, limescale, petroleum or pharmaceuticals. Although it can be added to other filters to achieve this.
  • You need electricity.
  • You need a pre-filter or dirt gets onto the quartz sleeve and UV light can’t penetrate to kill the bad bacteria as effectively

How to Choose a UV Water Filter

To effectively choose a UV filter then you need to know how much water you use. This is done by knowing your flow rate. The flow rate depends on the size of the household and a number of people staying there.

The more water you use then the more your system needs to be able to handle to keep the water flowing quick enough so make sure you get the right size for you.

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