Reverse Osmosis Filter Systems


Reverse Osmosis is a highly efficient way of purifying water.

If you want to remove a wide range of problem contaminants from your drinking water at your home or business – like pesticides, bacteria, microplastics, microfibres, heavy metals, fluoride and other pollutants – Reverse Osmosis is probably your easiest and best solution.

Plus you get great tasting, clean water!

Millions of people around the globe in households and businesses love Reverse Osmosis because of many health benefits.

These Include:

  • RO filtration is fully automated, effective and safe
  • RO systems are reasonably priced
  • RO systems save money spent on bottled mineral water 
  • RO systems produce very high-quality drinking water
  • RO systems Improve the taste, odour and appearance of your water
  • RO systems Improve the taste and texture of vegetables, soup, and sauces
  • RO systems put a stop to limescale in your kitchen appliances. Eg, kettle or coffee machine
  • RO Filters only need to be replaced Every 12 months or so 
  • RO systems will remove contaminants that a standard water filter won’t
  • RO systems are Suitable for mains or private supplies


  • More expensive than standard methods of filtration
  • Wastewater is rejected set down the drain (but can be collected for watering plants in the garden)

Our Professional Ecosoft filters are perfect for the home or as a beneficial business investment to boost productivity. They are compatible with Holiday homes, Caravans, boats and remote dwellings/ farms and commercial outlets. There’s also a Pumped Option where water pressure is low or to give consistent productivity.  Shipped fully assembled complete with a comprehensive instruction manual for easy DIY installation with no particular plumbing experience required. That said if you do decide to hire someone for the job be sure to save some money by asking for some help from a handyman rather than a plumber. Otherwise, it is all designed to be done by a householder. It should take 20 or 30 minutes. You will need a normal electric drill and possibly a roll of plumbers tape. That’s all. For more help, Take a look at the Official Ecosoft Installation Tutorial below:

Whilst it makes a very effective way of purifying water and removing all the bad stuff Reverse Osmosis also makes the water slightly acidic and removes some essential minerals from the water our bodies need so we always recommend you add an Alkaline filter to the system to raise the PH balance and replace the essential minerals. If you’re looking to find an above counter alternative we recommend you invest in a premium unit to reap full the benefits, Check out the “Beez Knees” of the Alkaline water world. With a combination of these units, you’ll struggle to find better tasting water!

Key features from our Ecosoft Filters:
1. Best design of the product and packing.
2. System components are made of high-quality materials that are safe for drinking water,
including European food grade polypropylene made by Rompetrol (Romania).
3. Delicious water due to Filmtec membranes and high quality activated carbon filters.
4. Two water types within one system — pure and mineralized drinking water.
5. Manufacturer assurance — all the systems are tested and approved for use.
6. CE marked and confirmed to be safe in accordance with EC New Approach Directives.

Reverse Osmosis Process:

• Stage 1              5-micron polypropylene sediment pre-filter to extract suspended materials such as sediment, rust, insects, and other particles down to 5 micron. (Replace every 6 months)

• Stage 2              Granular Activated Carbon (GAC). Reduces Chlorine herbicides, pesticides, volatile organic chemicals (Replace every 6 months)

• Stage 3              Activated Carbon Block. The carbon block prepares water to enter the reverse osmosis membrane. (Replace every 6 months)

• Stage 4              with a rejection rate (up to 98%) TFC (Thin-Film composite) The highest quality membrane will reject a wide range of total dissolved solids (TDS). (Replace approx. every 18-24 months subject to use)

• Stage 5              Inline coconut GAC filter to remove dissolved gases, bad taste and odour from product water. This is the final polishing stage before consumption.

Typical removal rates (%)

Sodium (99%), Calcium (99%), Magnesium (99%), Potassium (98%), Iron (99%), Manganese (99%), Aluminium (99%), Ammonium (97%), Copper (99%), Nickel (99%), Zinc (99%), Cadmium (99%), Silver (98%), Mercury (98%), Barium (99%), Chromium (99%), Lead (99%), Chloride (99%), Bicarbonate (98%), Nitrate (97%), Fluoride (98%), Silicate (98%), Phosphate (99%), Chromate (99%), Cyanide (95%), Sulphate (99%), Bromide (98%), Arsenic (99%), Selenium (99%), Bacteria (99%), Protozoa (99%), Amoebic Cysts (99%), Giardia (99%), Asbestos (99%), Oestrogen (99%), Sediment / Turbidity (99%)

After stage 5 additional post filters can be added for your specific requirements.

Three pre-filters and one post filter require changing every 12 months. We will remind you.  The main reverse osmosis membrane every 2-5 years or more depending on incoming water quality.


End summary:

  • Everything you need to install the system is supplied
  • Simple installation, you shouldn’t need a plumber
  • Very Easy to use
  • Comes with Full instructions inside the box
  • Reliable consistent productivity
  • Free Technical Helpline to assist with any problems
  • Buy with total confidence
  • Compact design
  • High-grade TFC micro-membrane
  • Plus 4 top quality filters