Benefits of using a Water Softener

Why buy a Water Softener?

  • Save money on energy bills (24% Saving)*
  • Eliminate expensive maintenance bills
  • Remove traces of scale in the shower, bath or sink – scale can  give 75% reduction in flow in 18 months*
  • Give your skin a silky clean feeling
  • Make your laundry feel softer and look brighter
  • Reduce the high cost of soap and detergents (50% Saving)*

Saves you money on energy bills

A water softener will save you money on your heating bills and reduce your requirements for detergents and heating products. It is estimated that you can save 24% on your energy bills for the year plus 50% on soap and detergents*.

Buy a water softener and you will get your money back in no time.

Gives you luxurious, soft and silky water

Softened water is kinder to dry skin, giving you that luxurious feeling. The hardness in the water can be an irritant if you sufferer from eczema and other skin conditions. A softener removes this hardness. It provides you luxuriously soft water, making showers and baths a joy. Soaps and shampoos will lather much more easily and you hair will be softer and more manageable. Softened water does not leave and residue on your bath or sink and they will be easier to clean from there on out. Also laundry is brighter, plus glasses and dishes sparkle and shine after washing, reducing that ‘frosted glass effect’.


Removes limescale

Softened water does not leave a deposit on pipes throughout your household. So there is a real saving in the service, maintenance, and replacement of your appliances. Water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines and showers will all last longer and cost less with a water softener. Softened water over time will disolve the scale deposits that are already in your pipes, shower, sink or bath. This means you can reverse the effects of not having a water softener for maximum benefit. The limescale can give 75% reduction in flow in 18 months*. Also there will be no residue on your tea which is a plus for all us British!

Time or Metered – Two valve options

You can choose between two valves – the time clock or metered valve. Metered controlled models measure the amount of water consumption and only regenerate when necessary.This saves both on salt and water used during the softener regeneration process.

This saves both on salt and water used during the softener regeneration process.

Time clock water softeners regenerate on a calendar which is pre-set but can easily be changed, normally every 2 or 3 days.

Kind to clothing

With the softener, your laundry feels fresher and more luxurious with only a fraction of detergent used. The softened water is kinder on your clothing so you can love what you wear all the time.


*WQRF study, Battelle Memorial Institute, 2011